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Showcase a Series of Clicks

Present a specific interaction

Most people struggle to see how a series of clicks come together to form an interaction. It’s much easier for people to understand what’s going on if they can visualize it in someone. With Solidify, you can quickly share critical design pieces of your app or website to help give stakeholders and others involved a clearer picture.

As seen in the following example, It doesn’t have to be an actual website or the entire app. It could be a moment, a simple click, or a specific series of clicks. Or it could be a quickly whipped up design that helps you understand the actual interactions involved. You can then share these small interactive snippets with your team through an email or IM.

Don’t Present Static Screens

Wireframe Flow

Presenting static screens without the interactions limits your audience from seeing the intent of your product. Using wireframes to assemble a clickable prototype prevents this. With Solidify, you can have potential users click through your wireframes. This will let you focus on creating solid interactions with the data you collect.

As you can see in this example, interactions become very clear with defined elements and functions. Use your wireframe prototype to document the functionality of an app (and engineers will rejoice!). You’ll also be able to collect comments on specific pages to highlight interactions that might not be working well.

Full Mock-Ups

Visual design flow

Sometimes it’s important to do full mock-ups to get a complete sense of how an application will function before you waste time building it. Engineering time can be costly especially if your app isn’t fully utilized.

As you can see in this example, Solidify allows you to present clickable visualizations that create the feeling of a real app. This will help designers move a project forward without having to know heavy code. It’s also a great way to inspire a team to follow through. You’ll not only be using visual prototypes that are clickable, but you’ll actually be visioneering.

Direct Users

Directive Test

Occasionally, you want to be very specific with what you want to know about your prototype. Say you want to know where people will click within your app or website to perform a certain task. With Solidify, you can put together a series of questions to run a user through. By doing so, you’ll be performing a heuristic test that involves asking five to 10 questions. You’ll also be able to review the data in the reports to see how successful people were at completing the task.

In this example, you’ll see that we asked how users would be able to swap a book with another user on a fictitious book-swapping website.


Start testing your ideas with clickable prototypes!

Plans starting at $19/month with unlimited tests.

Start testing your ideas with clickable prototypes!

Plans starting at $19/month with unlimited tests.

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